January 18, 2017

Moving Overseas

Josiah is a homebody. He loves his family and friends. He is a loyal and sensitive friend. Josiah likes to succeed and really doesn't like to appear incompetent in any way. So, moving to a new country during the Christmas vacation to attend school where he does not understand or speak the language is a bit daunting.

There were a lot of changes at the end of 2016 too, one of which was moving out of our first (and only) home and staying with grandparents for several weeks. During the first of these stays, while Mom and Dad were away at a training, Josiah read a book that he and his brother both enjoyed quite a bit. It seems to fit this period of our life well...

Fortunately, Josiah was able to watch movies during the flight to France. Unfortunately, he didn't sleep at all.

Fortunately, Josiah found a creek right next to our apartment to play in. Unfortunately, that creek is a sewer drain and not fit for playing in.

Fortunately, the food in France is not bad; they even have fast food restaurants. Unfortunately, Josiah also got the stomach flu just after arriving (day 2) and he had to start school 2 days later on Jan 3.

Fortunately, the first day went better than expected, as his teacher speaks a little English and helped him to understand what she was teaching. He also mastered "Je m'appelle Josiah." (My name is Josiah.) Unfortunately, that is pretty much the only thing he can say in French at this point.

Unfortunately, It was a rough start to 2017, but it will surely get better fortunately.